Volume 12 cahier 1. (Anti-)Realisms : the Metaphysical Issue

Volume 12 cahier 1. (Anti-)Realisms : the Metaphysical Issue


Roger Pouivet & Manuel Rebuschi (Archives H. Poincaré, Nancy)

1) The Metaphysical Issue

E. Jonathan Lowe
(University of Durham)
Essentialism, Metaphysical Realism, and the Errors of Conceptualism

Sandrine Darsel
(Archives H. Poincaré, Nancy)
A Realistic and Non Reductionnist Strategy with respect to Properties

Darek ?ukasiewicz
(Univ. Casimir The Great, Bydgoszcz)
Metaphysics of Axiological Realism

2) Modal (Anti)Realism

Frédéric Nef
(EHESS, Paris)
Which Variety of Realism? Some Observations on the Dependance of Abstracta upon Concreta

Scott Shalkowski
(University of Leeds)
Blackburn’s Rejection of Modals

3) Truths

Michael P. Lynch
(University of Connecticut)
Three Forms of Pluralism about Truth

Tommaso Piazza
(Universität Salzburg)
Truth and Warranted Assertibility

Daniel Laurier
(Université de Montréal)
Mind-Dependence, Irrealism and Superassertability

4) Radical Constructivism?

Peter van Inwagen
(University of Notre Dame)
Was George Orwell a Metaphysical Realist?

Tom Burke
(University of South California)
(Anti)Realist Implications of Pragmatism’s Dual-Process Active-Externalist Theory of Experience

ISBN: 978-2-84174-459-6
Nombre de pages: 214