Roger Pouivet & Manuel Rebuschi (Archives H. Poincaré, Nancy) 1) The Metaphysical Issue E. Jonathan Lowe (University of Durham) Essentialism, Metaphysical Realism, and the Errors of Conceptualism Sandrine Darsel (Archives H. Poincaré, Nancy) A Realistic and Non Reductionnist Strategy with respect to Properties Darek ?ukasiewicz (Univ. Casimir The Great, Bydgoszcz) Metaphysics of Axiological Realism 2) Modal (Anti)Realism Frédéric Nef (EHESS, Paris) Which Variety of Realism? Some Observations on the Dependance…
ISBN: 978-2-84174-459-6
Nombre de pages: 214
Collection: Philosophia scientiae. Archives Henri Poincaré, Revues