Vol. 25 Cahier 1

Vol. 25 Cahier 1


The Peano School: Logic, Epistemology and Didactics

Paola Cantù & Erika Luciano
Giuseppe Peano and his School: Axiomatics, Symbolism and Rigor

Joan Bertran-San Millán
Frege, Peano and the Interplay between Logic and Mathematics

Jan von Plato
Logic as Calculus and Logic as Language: Too Suggestive to be Truthful?

Gabriele Lolli
Peano’s Reception in the USA. Wilson’s Review of Russell’s Principles

Reinhard Kahle
Dedekinds Sätze und Peanos Axiomata

Dirk Schlimm
Peano on Symbolization, Design Principles for Notations, and the Dot Notation

Basak Aray
Logic and Axiomatics in the Making of Latino sine Flexione

Paolo Freguglia
Peano and the Debate on Infinitesimals

Elena Anne Corie Marchisotto & Ana Millán gasca
Mario Pieri’s View of the Symbiotic Relationship between the Foundations and
the Teaching of Elementary Geometry in the Context of the Early Twentieth Century
Proposals for Pedagogical Reform

Jan von Plato
Gödel’s Reading of Peano’s Arithmetices Principia

ISBN: 9782380720006
Nombre de pages: 192